Laabhum - Cookies Policy
We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. Some are essential for features like login, while others help us tailor content and marketing to your needs. Accepting all cookies lets us enhance your experience. Note that some cookies are from third parties. You can adjust preferences by clicking below. See our cookies policy for more info.
We value your privacy and are dedicated to providing you with clear information on how you can control your cookies.
Understanding Cookies:
Cookies are tiny data files sent by a website to your computer and stored in your web browser. They don't harm your computer and act like logs, recording your activities and remembering information. While they can't affect how your computer functions, they update with each website visit.
How We Use Cookies:
Our website may use cookies to gather information about you. Different cookies track various activities. For instance, session cookies are active only when you're navigating a site, disappearing when you leave. Check the section below for more details on the cookies we use.
Why Cookies Matter:
Functional cookies play a crucial role in enhancing your website experience. They help us understand how visitors use our site, allowing us to identify and address any issues promptly. For instance, we analyze popular pages and effective linking methods, improving overall performance.
Cookies also serve to streamline your log-in process. When you access the Members Area to deposit funds, a "session cookie" remembers your login, sparing you from repeated logins. Functional cookies remember your preferences, such as language choice, and ensure a secure and efficient operation.
Key Functions of Our Cookies:
Identity Verification and Location Detection:
  • Confirming your identity and recognizing your current location.
Browser and Device Checks:
  • Verifying browser type and device for optimal performance.
Referral Tracking:
  • Identifying the source of user referrals.
Customizing Content by Third Parties:
  • Allowing third parties to tailor content based on your preferences.
We gather, utilise, and disclose Aggregated Data, which comprises statistical or demographic information, for various purposes. While Aggregated Data may stem from your personal data, it is not legally classified as personal data since it does not explicitly or indirectly disclose your identity. To illustrate, we might aggregate your Usage Data to determine the proportion of users accessing a particular service feature.
Types of Cookies We Utilize
Functional Cookies: Ensuring Seamless Website Operation
Functional cookies play a crucial role in the proper functioning of our website. Without these essential cookies, the website would not operate as intended. They serve to temporarily store login information, providing a smooth user experience. These cookies automatically expire once the browser is closed, contributing to the security and efficiency of the website.
Enhancing User Experience with Analytical Cookies
Analytical cookies provide valuable insights into visitor behaviour, allowing us to improve the overall website experience and identify areas that may need attention. This information is used for statistical purposes, ensuring anonymity and excluding personal details such as names and email addresses. Similar to behavioural cookies, they personalise content based on your interests, making your visit more tailored and engaging
Role of Promotional Cookies in Enhancing Trader Experience
Promotional cookies track visitors across the platform with the aim of delivering a personalised and valuable experience for traders. This involves showcasing content that aligns with their individual interests and preferences.
Customization with Preferences Cookies
Preferences cookies on our trading platform remember your chosen settings, enhancing your user experience by customizing the way the platform behaves and looks
Google Analytics Usage Disclosure
This site utilizes Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Analytical cookies placed on your computer assist in analyzing your website usage. Data generated by the cookie, including your IP address, may be transmitted to and stored by Google. Google uses this information to evaluate website activity, compile reports, and offer related services. Your consent to process data in the manner outlined above is implied by using this website.
Managing Cookies
You have the flexibility to delete or disable cookies through your web browser settings at any time. However, keep in mind that this action may impact the proper functioning of our website and others, potentially affecting your ability to sign in.
Additional Information
If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding cookies, please reach out to us at Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and for a detailed understanding of how we manage your data, kindly refer to our Privacy Policy